I'm depressed.  Whether you think LT has lost a step (I think he has, although he is still better than 75% of NFL RBs), doesn't fit in the current offense (debatable) or whatever your current thoughts of our (he will always be "ours" in San Diego) living legend #21 are, today is a sad day.  Sure, the Chargers have already released LT, but the forthcoming 1:30 press conference will truly make it a reality.  I can no longer avoid the fact that my favorite Charger ever is never going to play for the Bolts again.  Even worse, unless he shocks us all by stating that he'll retire instead of play for another team, I will have to deal with LT suiting up in another clubs uniform next season.  Best of luck to him, but damn that's going to hurt.  Really bad.

If I can bring myself to cover him signing for another team, whenever that may be, I'll write more, but for now this is all I can bring myself to write.

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Keep Your Enemies Far Away

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The old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer."  In football, I say it's best to keep your enemies as far away as possible in order to avoid any damage they might inflict on your own team.  What am I rambling on about, you ask?  Well by now you've surely heard the rumors of Mike Shanahan going to the Redskins, and according to ESPN.com it looks like that deal is all but done.  When Norv was looking like a complete and utter underachiever, I thought Mike would be a good fit here in San Diego, but now that our cerebral leader looks set for a contract extension I'm happy to see Senior Shanahan as far away from our fine city and the AFC West as possible.

Click here for the story on ESPN.com.

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you who kindly visit my site and allow me my random diatribes.  Without you, this blog wouldn't exist.  Well, yes it would because I like to write anyway, but consider yourselves appreciated nonetheless.

I just wanted to acknowledge the lack of material that's been posted over the last few months since I've been writing for http://blogblitz.nfl.com/.  I have rarely posted more than a quip here or there during this period, but I want everyone to know that I'll be back to my regular posts this year.  I'm holding my breath that I can make Boltitis shirts for everyone that will commemorate a Super Bowl victory, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  During the off-season I'll cover all kinds of random topics, mostly related to San Diego sports, and then as we get closer to the 2010 NFL season I'll focus on the Bolts.

So there's that, folks.  Thanks again for your patience and loyalty and please keep checking back.

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New NFL.Com Post

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For anyone interested, click HERE to see my recap of the Chargers v. Bengals game on NFL.com's BlogBlitz section.


AJ, Please Sign Julius Peppers

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Unless something drastic changes, it looks like we're going to lose Shawne Merriman in the near future, whether it be after this season, or after the 2010 season if we choose to Franchise Tag him after this one.  Either way, I would really love to see Julius Peppers in a Charger uniform.  The guy is an absolute monster on the football field, and as evidenced by his dominance of Bryant McKinnie tonight against Minnesota he can excel against some of the best opponents in the league.  AJ Smith is obviously not prone to big name free agent signings, but Julius is worth bucking the trend.  And he's already stated that he wants to play in a 3-4 defense.  Sign him.


As a lifelong Charger fan and scrub writer I feel it my duty to give huge "props" to Mr. LaDainian Tomlinson.  Against the Browns today my favorite all-time Charger reached 150 TDs in only his 137th game, 23 games faster than Emmitt Smith and 30 faster than Jerry Rice. They are the only three players with 150 TDs. He also passed Jim Brown for eighth place on the all-time rushing list.  So say what you want about L.T. losing a step, or not being the running back he once was (hey, I've said the same things, and sadly they are true), but the guy is starting to really make a mark on the record books, and damn does it make me feel like a proud father to watch it all unfold.  Let's hope the offensive line can start looking like run blocking professionals and get L.T. on a true roll.

Link to the referenced article on ESPN.com here.


By now, I'm sure you've all heard about cocky little Josh McDaniels spouting "We own you!" to Chargers players, purportedly Shaun Phillips in specific, before little Joshy's donkeys got throttled by 29 points at home to the (now) division leading Bolts.  Oh by the way Josh, that player you "own" created the first turnover of the game on your first offensive drive.  Oops.  Anyway, it looks like the rest of the NFL, coaches and players, have taken notice of the trash talk from Denver's novice head coach, and outside of the Broncos' locker room, guess which side they are taking?

Keith Bullock of the Titans: "The coach had his opportunity when he was younger to have his time out there and obviously it's over..."

Ryan Clark of the Steelers: "Honestly, my thought on that is, I would like to petition Mr. [Roger] Goodell and say, if a coach can talk to me like that, I should be able to fight him," Clark said. "I don't know where he's from, but where I'm from, when somebody talks to you like that, they've got a problem with you. And we should be able to fight.  If a player talks that way, you get to hit him. When a coach talks that way, you don't really get to strike back. Who wants to have verbal jabs with a coach? That's no fun. Let's fight."

And the funniest one of all, especially due to the respect that the forthcoming quoted coach has around the league, is from Jeff Fisher: "Good luck in free agency." 
Ha...Ha....Ha.  Oh deary me, that is beautiful.  The only thing better would be for Tony Dungy to call McDaniels a punk.  Actually, it would have been better to see Phillips punch little Josh in the face, but we'll have to wait until at least the playoffs, if not next season, to possibly see that happen.
Anyway, I couldn't help but give thanks on Turkey Day to the Donkeys still having an ass on their sideline, even without Jay Cutler.  Can you imagine the havoc those two morons could wreak if they still wore the same colors?
Link to the the referenced article on ESPN.com here.

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